Charis Bible Institute

Grace Prison Ministries seeks to extend non-formal theological training by forming Bible Learning Centers for those incarcerated in prisons, and those released from prisons. It is our prayer that those trained will be the future missionaries, teachers, and pastors of Grace Prison Ministries.

Please pray for this work. Many incarcerated will never go to a formal Bible college or seminary. Therefore we seek to make training avalible for those that desire it.

Also Grace Prison Ministries supports and partners with Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute, Hurst, TX. so we can provide Bible School, graduate, and seminary degrees at no cost to the inmate while still incarcerated.   Our supporters' contributions help with books and MP3 players needed for course work.  Most inmates do not have a means to purchase books and material for their course work.

“The very best evangelist, pastor, church leader, or church planter for a particular people group is someone from that group who has been called by God and properly trained”  BTCP